Submitted by YogaBliss on October 16, 2019@2:23:PM

These are trainings offer by YogaBliss. They can either be stand alone trainings or used towards the 300 hour Training Certificate.

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Submitted by YogaBliss on October 16, 2019@2:14:PM

This course is an introductory course for mindfulness meditation and is open to all students.

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Submitted by YogaBliss on September 21, 2019@6:40:AM

Yin Yoga is a unique way to deepen your yoga practice and touch tissues rarely worked in a more active yang style of yoga. It is a deeply healing practice that teaches us to be with what is. When we let go of resistance, by releasing physical, mental or emotional baggage, our lives become more fluid and easeful.

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Yin Yoga Training, Spring 2020 and Fall 2020

Submitted by Debra Zina Black Yoga School on September 19, 2019@2:50:PM

Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Training
I will be offering two courses in 2020. Level 1 will be 50 hours and Level 2 will be 28 hours. Both courses are based on the teachings of Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley as well as Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Continuing Education Credits will be given for both courses. For more information on dates and fees contact Debra Black @

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Yoga Anatomy

Submitted by Stem & Stone Wellness Continuing Education on September 09, 2019@11:43:AM

The study of Yoga in Anatomy. This 40 hr course is designed to help a Teaching Practice learn how the musculoskeletal system works. To understand how joints move and are classified. Muscles origin, insertion and action. Understanding and matching which muscles are contracting and stretching while in specific poses and postures.

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Yin Yoga 50 Hour Teacher Training Continuing Ed

Submitted by HappyHeart Yoga on August 14, 2019@12:13:PM

with DIANNE HARRIS of happyheart yoga


Deepen your practice and understanding of Yin Yoga and yourself as you dive in to this quiet and powerful practice.

For Yoga Teachers and Yin Practitioners wishing to deepen their practice. Certified by Canadian Yoga Alliance – continuing education

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Yoga for Healthy Aging, Oct 19 & 20, Peterborough

Submitted by The Willow Studio on August 10, 2019@2:51:PM

Join Certified Yoga Therapist Heather Clarke for an intensive 2 day yoga teacher training in Peterborough, Ontario, to support the needs of your 50+ students!

Whether you're a recent yoga teacher training graduate or have been teaching for years, you'll come away with more confidence and new skills to help your more senior students get the most out of their yoga practice!

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Thai Yoga Massage

Submitted by Reena Davis Yoga & Wellness on August 07, 2019@9:54:AM

During this 20 hour Thai Yoga Massage Course you will learn a 90 minute treatment for family or friends.
TYM is a form of metta, loving kindness, that you can incorporate into your classes as well. Bring the best of yoga and the best of massage to give your participants a special treat.
Starts October 7th- contact me for dates.

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Cultivated Thoughts: A Course in Mindfulness

Submitted by Reena Davis Yoga & Wellness on August 07, 2019@9:43:AM

This course will walk you through a journey of self-discovery. Cultivate present moment awareness through many meditations and exercises aimed at getting to the real you. Learn about Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction (MBSR) used for not only stress but anxiety, letting go, nonjudgment, loving kindness and much more through this 8 week course done online over Zoom. Through our own self-discovery we ae able to work more effectively with others, intuit needs and create fulfillment in our own lives. Homework will be given each week to ensure you are building your at home practice.

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Prenatal Suspension Yoga™

Submitted by The Flying Yogi on July 31, 2019@4:00:PM

A unique prenatal teacher training that merges traditional prenatal yoga with Suspension Yoga™ for stamina and strength with the assistance of the YogiGym® Suspension System.

Instructors will learn a series of special postures that will help Mamas-to-be enjoy an incredible release of pressure in their joints and muscles and relief from many of the common prenatal aches and pains, such as low back, hip or pelvic pain, sciatica, leg cramps and difficulty sleeping while also preparing their bodies for labour and birth.

The anatomy of the 3 trimesters and appropriate movement possibilities will be examined with emphasis on restoring healthy alignment to the spine and pelvic region so often adversely affect by the changes of the body during pregnancy.

Course Duration: 20 Hrs (includes a full-coloured manual and Certificate)

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