25-Hour Restorative YTT May 29th Midland, ON

Submitted by Soul Set on March 11, 2020@2:26:PM

Dive into the world of Restorative yoga with Kaely and Lindsay. Exploring pranayama, props, asanas & hands on support to get your yogis to a deep state of rest & tranquility. This training also explores Restorative yoga to harmonize the chakras and doshas.

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Ecuador Wellness Retreat

Submitted by Y Knot Unwind Yoga Studio on January 23, 2020@4:16:PM

Y Knot Unwind Studio has partnered with Gamma Institute, Ecuador for a wellness retreat in Garapumba, Ecuador.
This 100 hour program will include daily asana, pranayama, meditation, shatkarma practices, Ayurveda and nutrition workshops, , Andean spirituality, medicine plant workshop, Andean healing ceremony , affective memory massage and more.

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50-Hr Nada Yoga Facilitator Training Program 2020

Submitted by Naturality School on December 26, 2019@1:58:PM

Healing, health, and higher consciousness through sound and music.

Sound and music activate the whole brain, synchronize right and left hemispheres and change the body at the cellular level. Body and brain are healed, primal vibration is experienced; an ever-expanding consciousness enters in pure silence the source of all sounds.

In this 50 hours certification program, through chants, singing, music, and movements from many traditions, you will explore the most powerful and safest way to meditate, help others suffering from health problems including chronic pain, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, addictions, stress, anxiety, and depression.

The program will help you to discover your Natural Self to live in flow and well being and express your creative potential in the world.

This program is meant for anyone who is interested in meditation, healing and managing health problems through sound, music, and movements and arriving at higher levels of consciousness.

Yoga and meditation teachers, healers, health workers can integrate Nada Yoga in their teachings, practice, and therapy.

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Yin Yoga 50 Hour Teacher Training Continuing Ed

Submitted by HappyHeart Yoga on December 13, 2019@10:57:AM

with DIANNE HARRIS of happyheart yoga

This training and manual (200 pages!) has been reviewed and supported by Paul Grilley.

LOCATION: Ahimsa Yoga, Whitby, Ontario

Friday June 5 5pm-9pm
Saturday June 6 11am - 7 pm
Sunday June 7 11am - 7pm
Friday June 19 5pm-9pm
Saturday June 20 11am - 7 pm
Sunday June 21 11am - 7pm

Deepen your practice and understanding of Yin Yoga and yourself as you dive in to this quiet and powerful practice.

This is a comprehensive training delving into all aspects of Yin Yoga.

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Good Night Yin: Training & Workshop

Submitted by HappyHeart Yoga on December 13, 2019@10:53:AM

Teacher Training* & Workshop
With DIANNE HARRIS of happyheart Yoga

LOCATION: Ahimsa Yoga Whitby, Onatario

Continuing Education for Certified Yin Yoga Teachers:
Certified Yin Yoga Teachers (already trained in Yin Yoga) will receive a continuing education certificate*.

April 25, 2020 11:30-5:30

Good Night Yin counters the negative effects of sleeplessness. This practice is designed to help the practitioner to unwind from a busy life and transition to a peaceful state, finding a much needed and much deserved sense of ease.

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Submitted by YogaBliss on October 16, 2019@2:23:PM

These are trainings offer by YogaBliss. They can either be stand alone trainings or used towards the 300 hour Training Certificate.

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Submitted by YogaBliss on October 16, 2019@2:14:PM

This course is an introductory course for mindfulness meditation and is open to all students.

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Submitted by YogaBliss on September 21, 2019@6:40:AM

Yin Yoga is a unique way to deepen your yoga practice and touch tissues rarely worked in a more active yang style of yoga. It is a deeply healing practice that teaches us to be with what is. When we let go of resistance, by releasing physical, mental or emotional baggage, our lives become more fluid and easeful.

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Yin Yoga Training, Spring 2020 and Fall 2020

Submitted by Debra Zina Black Yoga School on September 19, 2019@2:50:PM

Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Training
I will be offering two courses in 2020. Level 1 will be 30+ hours and Level 2 will be 30+hours. Both courses are based on the teachings of Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark and Paul Grilley as well as Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Continuing Education Credits will be given for both courses. For more information on dates and fees contact Debra Black @ debrazina@hotmail.com

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Yoga Anatomy

Submitted by Stem & Stone Wellness Continuing Education on September 09, 2019@11:43:AM

The study of Yoga in Anatomy. This 40 hr course is designed to help a Teaching Practice learn how the musculoskeletal system works. To understand how joints move and are classified. Muscles origin, insertion and action. Understanding and matching which muscles are contracting and stretching while in specific poses and postures.

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