Yin Yoga Continuing Education Teacher Training #1

Submitted by HappyHeart Yoga on August 05, 2022@1:12:PM

Module #1 - Yin Yoga Anatomy and Energetics
> based on the teachings, methods and materials of Paul Grilley Yin Yoga (Paul has reviewed and input to the 200+ page training manual)
> This IN-PERSON training qualifies as the 50hr Yin Yoga/Anatomy requirement for Sarah Powers Insight Yoga Institute 500 hour certification

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Yoga Kids Summer Camp Ages 3-5

Submitted by Tracey Chase on August 02, 2022@4:40:PM

Introduction to Yoga
Calming the mind
Having fun!
Music, dance, free play Yoga.
Learning mindfulness, how to calm yourself, empathy, making friends!

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4th July-30th July 2023 300hr YTT in Cork, Ireland

Submitted by Himalaya Yoga Valley on July 29, 2022@1:12:AM

Himalaya Yoga Valley is an established international leader in the field of Yoga Education, with over 4500 graduates, and 15 years of experience training exceptional yoga teachers with rigour and integrity. Our world-renowned 200 and 300 hour, one-month intensive Teacher Training courses are internationally accredited and have been curated for students to take the journey from student to confident Yoga Teacher, through a progressive, structured and tried and tested system of education. Our program is truly comprehensive, and includes 8 teachers dedicated entirely to their subjects, giving trainees access to specialist information across all core subjects. Our training centres in India and Europe have produced a stellar global alumni community of yoga teachers- shaping their yoga communities with traditional, authentic yoga from its origins

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Advance Your Teaching Skills

Submitted by Rainbow Yoga Training on July 26, 2022@7:36:AM

Teaching Mindfulness to Young People

Young people who learn coping skills at an early age are proven to become much more well adapted and happy adults. In fact, if we don't learn how to cope with life's challenges in a healthy way, we develop unhealthy and sometimes destructive ways to deal with it all such as substance abuse, screen addiction etc. Mindfulness and meditation help gain a wider perspective of life, maintain peace and balance among upheavals and thrive under all conditions.

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Atlas Children's Workshop - Children's Yoga TT

Submitted by Atlas Studio on July 24, 2022@4:51:PM

A system of nurturing conscious awake children who are spiritually aware.
Join us this summer for a fun and playful teacher training program that will enable you to teach children babies to young adults.
This 100hr program is being offer live in Simcoe, ON.

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Outdoor Yoga and Community Hang Out

Submitted by Atlas Studio on July 24, 2022@4:38:PM

Summer goes by so very quickly. Join us this summer at Dickson Park, Cambridge, Ontario for a yoga class and a drink at the Old Galt Bottle Shop to hang out and enjoy a little R&R.

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Ayurveda 100/200 Hour Therapy Course

Submitted by Y Knot Unwind Yoga Studio on June 27, 2022@12:04:PM

This unique and comprehensive course will introduce the concepts of Ayurveda . Students will graduate with certification as an Ayurveda Therapist ( 200 hours) and ayurveda designation under the CYA. Options offered are also completing 100 hours in Ontario and 100 hours at our partner school in Rishekesh , India October 2023 or 100 hours for Ayurveda Massage.

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50 hr Restorative Yoga Training, Winnipeg Oct 2022

Submitted by Shell Andréa Yoga + Kirtan on June 20, 2022@5:32:PM

Learn the art and science of Yogic restoration and relaxation techniques to calm the mind and body! Combination Virtual via Zoom and In Person in St. Vital, Winnipeg, Manitoba. For experienced students of Yoga wishing to deepen their practice or current teachers of Yoga wishing to add restorative practices to their classes! Explore Yogic concepts as they relate to relaxing and restoring our Selves and relieving and managing stress in a holistic way.

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200 Hour Yoga Self Development + Teacher Training

Submitted by Shell Andréa Yoga + Kirtan on June 13, 2022@9:03:AM

This 200 hour Hatha Yoga program in Winnipeg Manitoba from January to June 2023 is an opportunity for aspiring Yogis to gain all the tools they need to have a lifelong Yoga practice. Shell's delivery has a large focus on Yogic Philosophy and the cultural history of Yoga. Students can opt to become certified Yoga teachers or take the program only to deepen their own practice. Offered with a mixture of in-person and virtual teachings.

Beginners welcome!

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Nada Yoga: The Yoga of Sound, 6 class series

Submitted by Shell Andréa Yoga + Kirtan on June 13, 2022@8:57:AM

A great blend of theory and practice of the Yoga of Sound, this 6 week series provides insight to the history and application of Nada Yoga practices as well as some of the science behind sound and vibration and their therapeutic benefits.

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