HUB International

CYA has teamed up with HUB International to offer registered members insurance coverage anywhere in Canada! Lucky for you if you are travelling outside of the country to teach in a retreat or training centre, HUB will also ensure you while you are away (meant for a few weeks only).

To apply for insurance, you must be a registered member (CYA-RYT or CYA-IR) of Canadian Yoga Alliance and have a copy of your certificate of training (minimum 200 hrs. for yoga). *This coverage also will cover members that require International Yoga Coverage ( you are travelling and may be teaching short-term).

When registering for membership, the on-line form will ask you if you are insured. Please note that this option is for internal purposes only. It will be set to 'no' upon registration. Should you proceed to purchase insurance after you have paid dues and your account is authorized, the ADMIN then will change the status of your profile to 'insured'.

This occurance based (*if you no longer have insurance and somebody sues you in the future for the time that you were insured) premium is $150.00 and provides coverage of $1,000,000 General Liability, also covering bodily injury,should an instructor cause physical injury to a student and also including slip trip & fall type of claims.$2,000.000 premium may also be requested via the application process ($175.00). CYA members that need insurance for acupuncture, shiatsu and osteopathy pay $200.00 for a $1 Million policy, $250.00 for $2 Million. Insurance is annual from the date you apply.

The premium is per person and can cover multiple modalities. This insurance does not allow you to write receipts. Click here for a summary of the policy.