Advanced Pranayama - 7 week online course

Submitted by Om-Line Yoga and Ayurveda Courses on August 25, 2021@1:08:PM

For each week of the course we will:
-Look at traditional wisdom around all aspects of Prana and life energy
-Dive into the science of breathing and research around breath work
-Explore a particular pranayama (we will keep adding one each week until we are doing a full pranayama practice)
-Have a live session to practice together and have discussions about what we are learning (all live sessions are optional)
-The course will start mid October and run for 7 weeks.
-We will have a Moodle site for the course materials and you can go through them at your own pace over the 7 weeks
-Live sessions (once per week) are optional and will be held in Microsoft Teams (day and time TBD)
-The cost of the course is $300