Trauma Informed YTT 200, 500, 1000hrs

Submitted by Atlas Studio on June 13, 2023@12:17:PM

200hrs YTT - Fall 2023 - Full Year Program
500hrs YTT - Fall 2023 - Additional 2 Years
1000hrs Yoga Therapy - Additional 2 Years

For most of us it starts out as a voice or a feeling, it says, “this is what I am meant to do.” This is how my body is meant to move. The voice gets louder and the conviction grows until we have to do something about it. Then we walk into the classroom, the studio or turn on the zoom call and there are our people, the lost tribe we have been searching for. We see ourselves in them and the teachers speak a language that begins to make sense of the voice and the voice quietens for a while. Then sometime later we see the look on another face and we know that they can hear the voice as well. And so it goes. Listen.