Women Yoga & Hormones Teacher Training-Toronto

Submitted by Liberty Movement & Wellness on May 24, 2023@4:14:PM

June 3/4 2023
11am - 9pm
Liberty Movement & Wellness
416 879 0711

Womens Yoga & Hormones Teacher Training
Do you want to focus your yoga teaching and specialize in women? Then this is the teacher training for you! This training is a comprehensive and inspirational program that will transform your practice and deepen your understanding of yoga for women. Designed by women for women, this course is appropriate for aspiring teachers , yoga practitioners, health professionals, doulas, midwives, nurses, social workers, educators or anyone interested in providing and fostering in depth support for women in Yoga and Women’s health.
Prerequisite: 200 RYT and WYSCII
Course content:
Endocrine system 101: Understanding hormones; physical and psychological changes
Hormone depletion issues ie auto immune, chronic fatigue, adrenal depletion
Nutrition & health for Womenâ??s Hormones
The H practice -Yoga sequencing for peri menopause and Menopause and beyond to balance hormones
Self care practices for women: Inner limb practices to support hormonal changes
Meditation, pranayama(breathing) and visualizations for womens general health and wellbeing
Marketing for a woman-centred business
Practice teaching; Sequencing designing a sequence for a Case Study
Please note to be certified as a Women’s Yoga Specialist the full course is 80 hours; this includes the following courses:
Pre natal /fertility certification ( 20 hrs )
Post natal certification (20hrs)
Women’s Yoga Specialist I (20hrs)
Women’s Yoga specialist II (20 hrs ) for a total of 80 hours.
Courses can be taken in any order although we do recommend taking WYS I & II in order of possible. Courses can also be taken individually as part of RYT 300 or 500. All 20 hour course certifications done over a weekend