Embodiment: Alchemizing with Elemental Yoga

Submitted by Embody Divine Wellness School for Soul Development on November 04, 2022@12:05:AM

ONLINE : There are 4 events in this series.

Embodiment: Alchemizing with Elemental Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork

ONLINE CLASSES: STARTING November 23 - 30 - December 7 & 14 11:00am - 12:15PM EST TIME

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Learn the tools on how to access your inner potential! Accessible to all who are curious and no experience required.
Delving deep into exploring your inner connection as the transformation of the season transitions, so does your body. It is important to understand how to work with your body and comprehend how to work with the Earth cycles. Transfigurations can occur a lot easier with the proper tools that are easy to use. Shifts occur through awareness and using effective techniques that can help elevate your body and mind through pivotal points of awakening instead if living with discomfort, dormancy and chaos.
1st week: Earth - rediscovering your inner landscape to awaken your energetic body
2nd week: Water - elemental reflections for inner transformation - de-stress
3rd week: Fire: ignite your inner passion - vitality
4th week: Ether & Air - transmute the disconnection - befriend your body and mind