08 Day Asana immersion in Goa, India Feb 2024

Submitted by Himalaya Yoga Valley on August 15, 2022@4:53:AM

08 Day Asana immersion in Goa, India 8th-15th Feb 2024

Visit our Yoga Centre in Goa and develop your practice with us.
08 days of practice and in person development in Goa, India.
Take your yoga experience and knowledge to the next level with advanced lectures in physical adjustments and class sequencing.

Daily schedule

06:45 – 08:00am Morning Asana with Lalit
08:30 – 09:20am Morning Meditation Chanting and Pranayama
11:00 – 13:00pm Asana Clinic Workshop
16:15 – 17:45pm Afternoon Asana Workshop/Backbends/Hip Opening/Arm Balance/Core Strength
Morning meditation, chanting and pranayama

Maeve will be leading a daily morning meditation, chanting and pranayama session expanding on the techniques and practices you learned on during your Yoga Teacher Training.
Twice daily asana practice

Lalit and Tony will be leading two asana classes a day that will build on the Ashtanga and Iyengar based practice series from your online training as well your in-person asana practice. Focused workshops do deepen your existing yoga practice.
Daily development workshops

Each day you’ll get to work with the team and your peers in workshops designed to develop you as a Yoga Practitioner and Teacher. These workshops will be focused on physical adjustments, with opportunities to practice under our guidance, as well as advanced class sequencing.

Fee is Euro 895
Visit https://yogagoaindia.com/development-training-goa/