4th July-30th July 2023 300hr YTT in Cork, Ireland

Submitted by Himalaya Yoga Valley on July 29, 2022@1:12:AM

Himalaya Yoga Valley is an established international leader in the field of Yoga Education, with over 4500 graduates, and 15 years of experience training exceptional yoga teachers with rigour and integrity. Our world-renowned 200 and 300 hour, one-month intensive Teacher Training courses are internationally accredited and have been curated for students to take the journey from student to confident Yoga Teacher, through a progressive, structured and tried and tested system of education. Our program is truly comprehensive, and includes 8 teachers dedicated entirely to their subjects, giving trainees access to specialist information across all core subjects. Our training centres in India and Europe have produced a stellar global alumni community of yoga teachers- shaping their yoga communities with traditional, authentic yoga from its origins

Trainees benefit from a dedicated alumni internship and professional development support program in a post graduate setting, helping them navigate their careers and teaching journeys long after they have completed their training.

Himalaya Yoga Valley’s 300 hour program is regarded within the field of yoga to be one of the most innovative and transformational advanced training courses for trainees looking to take their personal practice, teaching skills, and specialist knowledge to the next level along with developing and awareness of the tools and methods necessary to help develop and maintain your offline and online yoga business in a fast-evolving space. Our 300 Hour Level 2 Training Course is a continuation of the 200 Hour Level 1 syllabus at an advanced level, for an additional 300 hours of study and skills training. A strong emphasis is placed on learning to teach advanced techniques, sequencing, refining your delivery skills and at the same time developing a personal practice. Our 300 Hr training is an all-encompassing program. This course is suitable for teachers and yoga practitioners who have been teaching to the public and practising on their own who wish to enrich their practical and theoretical body of knowledge and also a great reintroduction to teaching immersion for those who have completed a 200 hour TTC but require extra coaching to take the step to become a teacher and a better practitioner.We focus on four core areas.

Himalaya Yoga Valley is registered with Yoga Alliance U.S, Yoga Yoga Alliance Canada, Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, Yoga Alliance International, The World The Indian Yoga Association, The World Yoga Council, and the International Yoga Federation.

We have a team of over 30 teachers in our Yoga Studios in Europe, and our Online Yoga Platform Ālaya Yoga Europe who share yoga from its origins with passion and pride.

To explore more about our Training Programs visit www.yogagoaindia.com