Baba Yoga (CYA-RYS 200 Member)

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 5144424195
  • Address: 7369 de la Roche
  • Location: Montreal, Quebec Canada
  • Website: N/A
  • Service Offered: Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200 hours Yoga Teacher
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: April 06, 2021

School Info

My school in the tradition of classical Hatha Yoga. The eight limbs of yoga the root of my teachings as for me it is essential to practice and teach all the aspect of the discipline. Following the lineage of my master, the asana practice is Iyengar oriented, and the phylosophical and spiritual aspect are rooted in the Yogic Tantra and also influence by the Buddhist Tantra. My classes, courses and teachings are oriented towards private or very small groups of people, even for teacher training. Inspired by this long tradition of students and teachers, the goal and purpose of Baba Yoga is to teach yoga in depth to serious students who are commited to learn the whole discipline. My studio room is located in my home, it is a serious yet humble school. I also give teacher training in other studio as a guest teacher.

Course Outline

1.Anatomy & Physiology : (8 contact hours)
Study of the anatomy of the physical body: the skeleton system, the spine, the muscular system, the nervous system, the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

2.Techniques (asanas, pranayama and meditation) and Practical Teaching : (total : 120 contact hours) + (6 non-contact hours)
2.1. Study of Asanas : (96 contact hours)
Training in the techniques and practice of the asanas divided by groups: Sitting down Yoga Poses, Lying down Yoga Poses, Standing Yoga Poses, Backbends Yoga Poses,Forward Bend Yoga Poses,Balancing Yoga Poses, Inversion Yoga;Surya Namaskar, Vinyasa. Purpose and effects of asanas.

2.2 Study of Pranayama : (12 contact hours)
Prana in outer world, prana in inner world; Training in the techniques and practice of pranayama exercices (basic yogic breathing, Ujjayi, viloma, nādi shodhana, anuloma viloma, kapālabhāti, bhastrikā, bhramari), bandhas and working with vayus.

2.3 Study of Meditation : (12 contact hours)
Study of the mind : manas, chitta, buddhi, ahamkara, prajna and vritti. Training in the techniques and practice for pratyahara, dharana and dhyana (bahir trātaka, antar trātaka, meditation on three levels of consciousness, meditation on the five koshas, anapana, vipassana, japa-yoga). Samskara and karma.

4. Study of Energy Systems and of Energy Bodies : (10 contact hours)
Study of the anatomy of the subtle body: the 5 koshas; the prana, nadis, vayus; the kundalini, chakras and granthis, pratice related to the chakras and relation to asanas and bandhas.

5. Yoga Philosophy : (contact 20 hours) + (6 non-contact hours)
The ashtanga (the 8 limbs of yoga),the various traditions of yoga, Indian philosophical system (samkhya), Hinduism, Buddhism, the tantra, the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and the Puja.

6. Teaching Methodology : (20 contact hours)
Language and demonstration, corrections and adjustments, different type of learning profiles, sequencing, evaluation of levels, prevention of injury, stress management, student and teacher reality, professional reality and being a yoga teacher.

7. Ayurvedha : (2 contact hours)
Study of the basic principles of Ayurvedha.

8. Exam : (4 contact hours) + (4 non-contact hours)
Theoretical exam, postural exam, written practice report.