Yogada Ashram : Rishikesh Himalayas - CYA TTC 200

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Yogada in the Himalayas - Ashram Style Yog & Well Being Retreat on the Banks of the Ganges Rishikesh India
All in one Special CYA YTTC ( Teacher Training Course) to experience
# Learning: Some of the well known teachers
Dr Joshi - Expert Yogi & Nari Vigayan Specialist , Writer of many books , a un usual healer and great therapist .
Prof. G. S Sahay
Author of many books - Shri G. S. Sahay has worked as Head of the Philosophico Literary Research Department (PLRD) of Kaivalyadhama as Assistant Director of Research and also was engaged as Managing Editor of Yoga Mimamsa, a Yoga Research Quarterly being published from Kaivalyadhama since 1924.
Yogi Rajeev - Founder of Sattya yoga Yogi Rajeev has been working on evolving consciousness to highest level thorough yog.
## Well Being - Yogada is located amidst pure nature where luxury is blended with nature. Organic food grown in High Himalayas is cooked & served during the course giving you a rich taste of pure Indian home food.
An Ashram for perfect well being of body & mind.

### Extra ordinary spiritual Experiences during sessions & visits to some of high energy vibrated places & temples connecting & evolving you to much higher level.

Introductory Offer - Canadian Dollar 1717 per person

Date of Commencement: 9th March 2015

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