Embody Goddess Yoga Teacher Training

Submitted by Embody Divine Wellness School for Soul Development on November 08, 2022@2:07:PM

Women Re-Wilding, Reclaim your Intuitive Nature!

Awaken to your source of creative energy?

Learn how to embrace the creative feminine source! Regeneration, the feminine structure. The gateway of creative power.

You do not need yoga experience to enrol in this online course. This foundational program is a journey of self-discovery and embodiment.

Learn how to create presence, stillness, and grounding.

A soft and subtle form of movement with Tantra, Restorative & Kundalini Yoga, through an inner journey of exploration, feeling safe to travel into your inner landscape.
Bandhas, Pranayama, the Yogic diet and awakening the chakras.
An introduction to Ayurveda, introducing the Doshas. Implementing this model can help understand our bodies constitution and how the Doshas affect our well-being on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.
Learn to teach sequences with asanas, Kriyas, you will also receive guidance on how to create your own Sadhana sequences and develop your own spiritual practice.
Practice Shamanic journeying, holistic practice, energy anatomy and medicine.
Exploring the wisdom of yoga, learn methods, the sacredness of holding space, Goddess Ceremony.
Deities as Archetypes in Hinduism, shaktism, shaivism, and Kaula traditions the feminine power connected to the Goddess, Kundalini Shakti.
Creating an authentic relationship for Embodiment. Sacred Union the intimate connection with self.

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