PHILOSOPHY & TRADITIONS - Online, at all time

Submitted by Baba Yoga on May 13, 2021@9:13:PM

This six-week course consists of weekly sessions of individual theoretical lessons (virtual meeting), allowing to study the philosophical principles of yoga and to understand their importance in personal practice and daily gesture. The topics explored in this training are:
- Ashtanga and the different traditions of yoga
- The Yamas and the Niyamas
- Indian Philosophies and Hinduism
- Tantra and Buddhism
- The Yoga Sutra
- The Bhagavad Gitā

Virtual meeting: 6 sessions of two hours (usually once a week).

Your personal involvement: 3 hours: reading the Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavad Gitā.

Total training duration: 15 hours

Date and time: we set up a regular schedule that fits your availability.

Course fee: $ 100 – CAD
Information and registration:

A certificate will be awarded after completing the entire course as well as the analytical work.