February 23 - 25, 2018 - Glow Yoga, Whitby

Submitted by Glow Yoga on October 24, 2018@10:50:AM

Restorative Yoga is a gentle yoga practice which uses various props to create a soft support for the body to facilitate a deeper release of the physical body. As the physical body moves into a deeper state of release and relaxation, then the mind is able to quiet down. Restorative Yoga is often referred to as a holistic healing practice, the support that is offered in restorative postures triggers a healing response. Restorative Yoga is both a therapeutic and restful practice, the postures should feel completely relaxed and ideally no physical sensations should be felt. The deep relaxation and long holds of Restorative Yoga postures stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, invoking a state of calm release into the body and mind.

Your course includes:

* 20 hours in class time (5-9pm Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday/Sunday)
* 2 class passes to attend a restorative yoga class (does not apply to workshops)
* 2 hours assisting a restorative yoga class
* 1 hour homework
* Detailed restorative yoga training manual
* Certificate of Restorative Yoga Teacher recognized by the International Yoga Alliance

What to expect in this course:

* Learn how to plan and instruct a restorative yoga class. We will discuss the various props available to enhance your student’s experience and offer up lots of support.
* We will explore the lines of energy within restorative postures and how you, as a restorative yoga teacher can offer up more support and comfort for your students.
* We will discuss the tools and tricks to help quiet a busy mind and create a safe nurturing environment
* Discussions on pranayama, meditation and the parasympathetic nervous system and so much more!