Glow Yoga (CYA–RYS Gold Member)

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 905-903-5730
  • Address: 4535 Coronation Rd
  • Location: Whitby, Ontario Canada
  • Website:
  • Service Offered: Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200 RYT and Advanced Training Certificates
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: January 21, 2013

School Info

Glow Yoga is a retreat found right in the city! Our studio is built amongst and removed from any outside distraction. A journey down the beautiful path to the studio and you begin to let go of everything and begin a journey of transformation.

Our Illuminated Teacher Training program is dedicated to just this. Transformation. We are a yoga school that is dedicated to deepening the students understanding of yoga as a physical discipline as well as a method of self discovery.

Our program examines the different styles of yoga, foundation and structure of teaching and developing a class, philosophy, pranayama,the energy body and chakras, dedicated anatomy and personal development.

Students can look forward to prenatal yoga training, restorative yoga training, sequencing classes as well as an assisting workshop .Students will be given the tools and the opportunity to develop their own creative yoga class, confidently teach and assist students while embarking on a journey through the desire map, ( where we discover and understand how to dig deeper into what we really want in this life time.

Prepare to embark on this most amazing voyage!

We also offer Restorative Training, Yin Training and Prenatal Yoga Training throughout the year.

Course Outline

The Illuminated Teacher Training program includes 105 hours of techniques, training and practice, examining proper alignment, cautions, benefits, modifications of poses and class structure builds.
- Methodology will include 30 hours of teaching instruction.
- Students will engage in partner work, teaching, and ethics overview.
- Anatomy will be an in-depth over view of 30 hours of study on the biomechanics and physiology of the body.
- Philosophy and Ethics will include 20 hours of study, examining the 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga, the Bhagavad Gita, the three Gunas, the Atma, Karma and Bhakti Yoga. This portion of the program will examine personal development, an aspiring yoga teacher must understand their own limitations and room for growth before they can teach this to others.
- The Practicum portion of the program will encompass 20 hours of study and examination of assisting classes and practice teaching.
- Prenatal yoga study and Restorative yoga study are also added additions to this yoga program.
- We have added in the 'Desire Map', into our personal growth category, an in-depth examination into how we want to feel and shape our lives.
- Our program focuses on community, shared core values, setting goals and working as a group support system to help transition and assist each other though this course.
We hope to see you soon!


Lindsay Allen (Class of 2014)
Katie Brown (Class of 2014)
Petrona Cobham (Class of 2014)
Mandy Ellis (Class of 2014)
Kristy Gallagher (Class of 2014)
Jill Harris (Class of 2014)
Diane Lehman (Class of 2014)
Kelsey Maria (Class of 2014)
Candace Morrison (Class of 2014)
Michelle Pitman (Class of 2014)
Cathy Reid (Class of 2014)
Karen Saltmarsh (Class of 2014)