25hr Yin YTT - Glow Yoga Studio; March 23-25, 2018

Submitted by Stem & Stone Wellness Continuing Education on September 09, 2019@11:43:AM

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Our 25-hour Yin Teacher Training is a unique way to deepen your yoga practice or expand your teaching credits. From the roots of mindfulness, to the spirit of Yin, this Teacher Training promises to land right in the center of your heart.

Prior experience in yin yoga is not required. You do not have to desire to become a yoga teacher; however you are expected to have a passion for yoga. Participnats must have a minimum of one year of practicing yoga regularly. Prior certification to teach yoga is not a prerequisite. In this 25 hour Teacher Training we will explore:

* Foundations for the Body; Experience the practice of Yin Yoga, The Chinese Meridian Theory & Human Variation Anatomy
* Foundations for the Mind; Consist of mindfulness and open awareness drawn from Yogic, Taosit and Buddhist psychological teachings
* Foundation for Teaching Yin: Yin Sequencing and foundations to confidently teach the practice of Yin
* Foundations of Philosophy; The History of Yin Yoga
* Relational Awareness Practices; Includes generating loving-kindness & compassion, as well as engaging in contemplative dialogues with others on specific subjects