Seniors Chair Yoga CEU Course

Submitted by Womyn's Path of Healing Wellness Sanctuary on April 30, 2017@12:05:PM

Curriculum consists of:
Module I
Modifying Asanas for seated positions (chair yoga).
Importance of relevant chair yoga Asana sequences.

Wellness related issues of mature women and how it relates to chair yoga practise:
Diabetes,High/Low Blood pressure, RA and Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Depression, Anxiety, Thyroid Imbalances,Knee and Hip replacements. Also covering:
Multiple Systems Atrophy, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease.

Module II
Yoga on the Chair: Neck and Shoulder, Arms, Upper Back, Hands, Using props.
Benefits/Contraindications as related to Module I outline, Breath Awareness

Yoga on the Chair : Lower back, Hips, Abdominal. Benefits/Contraindications as related to Module I outline. Breath awareness.

Spinal Health: Spinal Health relating to mature women, twisting postures, specific benefits and contraindications. Breath Awareness.

Yoga on the Chair: Knees, Ankles, Legs, Toes. Using props.
Benefits/Contraindications as related to Module I outline
Gentle standing postures, Importance of client safety, Safety strategies during standing postures. Balance exercises. Using props.

Mudras: Application of 10 Mudras, Benefits.

Module III
Putting it all together: chair yoga sequences including Mudras and standing positions with focus on different wellness related issues. Supporting senior women and empowering strategies for senior women

At completion of Module III
-Short answer Quiz (submitted by email or postal mail)
-Teaching Life Class at Womyn's Path of Healing OR Videotaped chair yoga class to be submitted by the student

In addition, distance learning students will be given the opportunities to observe classes at Womyn's Path of Healing.

Certificate of Completion
Tuition : $450.00 - includes all learning materials.
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