Continued Education

Vestibular Sense: Eyes and Ears

March 07, 2021@4:40:PM

30:18 Sarah Garden helps us with the inner ear by speeding up and slowing down various balance poses. She demonstrates with students of various abilities to show modifications.

Vestibular and proprio-neuro-receptors help us to balance and in this practice eyes are open and closed, head comes side to side as students are led through more and more difficult sequences to help us with spatial relationships. A demanding series that I have added with my own students. Some students can hold onto a chair for extra balance.

Examples: Turning head side to side.
Eyes fixed as head turns side to side and up and down.
Eyes open through movements then closed.
Lift one foot off the ground during sequence as head moves up and down.
Side bends with arms out to side, on hips or overhead during sequence; first with eyes open, then closed.
Forward bends and backbends during sequence.

All of these forms challenge the brain to learn new patterns. 2/9/21