Radiance Yoga & Lifestyle (CYA-RYS 300 Member)

  • E-mail: lana@lanaboyuk.com
  • Phone: 7054705198
  • Address: #2-213 Oak Street
  • Location: Sudbury, Ontario Canada
  • Website: www.LanaBoyuk.com
  • Service Offered: Hatha, YIN, Chakra Yoga, Inner Mystic Lifestyle Training
  • Type of Certification Granted: RYT200 / CHAKRA YOGA-30 / RYT300
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: October 12, 2016

School Info

At Radiance Yoga & Lifestyle School, you will learn how to teach Hatha Yoga with a further specialization in chakra yoga and subtle energy awareness.

At Radiance, we study yoga as a conscious attunement to physical alignment while tracking breath and sensation as a path toward concentration, focus, and deep integration. Our training covers the eight limbs of yoga, yoga philosophy, anatomy, educational methodology (examining the learning process), and inquires into our relationship with the 5-elements as a path toward greater wholeness.

Course Outline

Anatomy & Physiology - 20 hours
* Includes a 20-hour online anatomy for yoga teachers with David Keil
• Benefits & Contraindications for all techniques
• Effects of structural & postural alignment on overall health
• Joint health and mobility, healthy range of motion, tension versus compression.
• Muscle Physiology
• Physiology of stress
• How yoga affects mood, feelings, and our way of responding to the world
• Avoiding common injuries in yogic practices
• Benefits and Contraindications for common modern lifestyle-related diseases
• Using props and variations to individualize practices

Study of Asana - 80 contact hours / 50 non-contact hours
The most extensive part of the course, here you will learn in detail 40 basic yoga poses, including alignment principles, energetic actions, risks, benefits, preparatory asanas, counter-poses, variations, modifications, hands-on adjustments, and use of props for each one. This part of the course covers Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Back Bends, Forward Bends, Twists, Balances, Inversions, Core Refinement, and Hip Openers.

Study of Pranayama - 10 hours

Study of Energy Bodies & Systems - 10 hours

Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle - 20 hours
. The history and underlying philosophy behind all yogic practices.
. Patanjali's 8-Limbs
. Ethics of Yoga
. Hatha Yoga as it applies to healing and restoring the mind-body-pranic relationship, including supportive practices for more balance in daily living; including diet, nutrition, self-awareness, and relationships.

Teaching Methodology - 30 hours
• Design & teach one 60-minute Hatha Yoga Class
• Giving and receiving feedback
• Design (1) 6-session all-level yoga course
• Practice teaching exercises in small groups
• Co-mentoring & self-evaluations
. Business of Yoga - marketing, insurance, membership with CYA

Self-Awareness & Personal Development (20 non-contact hours)
Focus is on self-discovery in relationship to what either blocks or supports you in becoming a healthy, integrated, aware person / yoga teacher. Supported with 1:1 life coaching sessions / journaling.


Sarah Blackwell (Class of 2018)
Victoria Brock (Class of 2018)
Carrie Cashmore (Class of 2017)
Kara Caverley (Class of 2017)
Kayla Condron (Class of 2018)
Carole Dugas (Class of 2017)
Jessica Edwards (Class of 2018)
Brigitte Goudreau (Class of 2017)
Danielle Greene (Class of 2018)
Holly Gutwillinger (Class of 2017)
Josee Hotte (Class of 2017)
Kristien Hurd (Class of 2018)
Susan Jones (Class of 2017)
April Kuan (Class of 2017)
Kara Kuczynski (Class of 2017)
Melanie Lachance (Class of 2017)
Jessica Laliberte (Class of 2017)
Caroline Lantaigne (Class of 2017)
Adelle Leonard (Class of 2017)
Chelsea Mateev (Class of 2018)
Betty Ann McPherson (Class of 2017)
Michelle Medina Munro (Class of 2018)
Friederike Munz (Class of 2018)
Craig Neilson (Class of 2018)
Melanie Parker (Class of 2017)
Willa Paterson (Class of 2017)
Kim Price (Class of 2018)
Kimberly Price (Class of 2018)
Ene Querney (Class of 2018)
Carleigh Robertson (Class of 2018)
Katelyn Robinson (Class of 2018)
Robin Smith (Class of 2018)
Jennifer Stiller (Class of 2017)
Skylar Wielgosch (Class of 2017)
Julie Zulich (Class of 2017)