2024 Yoga Teacher Training

Submitted by Anisa El-Amin on January 11, 2024@5:06:AM

Leading Online & In-Person Yoga Teacher Training.

239 Hour In-Person and Online Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Certification provides you with opportunity to deeply enrich your practice and understanding yoga philosophy in comprehensive YTT.

Enable you for self-discovery, self-exposure, and self-enrichment to become master of your life and to support others as well.

Take your personal yoga practice to the next level in this transformative 239-hour registered yoga teacher training course in Canada Ontario, with expert international master yoga instructors. The course offers a balanced and quality curriculum, it is intended for yoga aspirants who want to elevate their yoga practice. The curriculum is written by international master yoga teacher which provide you with 'Aha' moment and appreciate the rich context.

Anisa El-Amin is international yoga instructor, founder of YogAnisa Spirit & Wellness Centre, lifestyle coach, and motivational public speaker, will be leading the transformative experience - one that will guide you to tap into the power of your deepest intuition and embodiment.

The school focuses on a natural way to reach the balance from within through understanding the yoga philosophy as part of lifestyle to create a healthier community.

By signing up for our unique Yoga Teacher Training before March 17, 2024:
- SAVE $200 toward the tuition,
- one-hour FREE consultation (value $180) and
- enjoying 30% OFF toward Membership with Canadian Yoga Alliance - learn more: https://www.yoganisacentre.ca/product/the-leading-in-person-and-online-yoga-teacher-training/13
YTT consists of 12 modules. We have 2 cohorts starting:
1) March 24 - September 22, 2024 (Hybrid Model-Mississauga, ON)
3) March 24 - September 22, 2024 (Hybrid Model-St. Catharine, ON)

For more registration information, please visit the URL: https://www.yoganisacentre.ca/product/the-leading-in-person-and-online-yoga-teacher-training/13.

For more information about the cost, please contact us at: info@yoganisacentre.ca | 647.559.0497 | www.yoganisacentre.ca