UPHALE Winter Sanctuary Yoga

Submitted by Amey Ross on November 21, 2022@12:08:AM

"Calm Your Christmas"
Dec 20th 6pm-8pm
Reiki Infused, Piano Acompanie, Candlelight Yoga

Embrace the Christmas season as you release into this deliciously peaceful and calm restorative yoga practice. Enhancing each pose with the use of live music and Reiki, we will move through gentle restorative twists, heart openers, hip openers and a guided relaxation to finish this practice .
Yoga calms the mind and moves stagnant energy. This workshop will balance the body, energising, or soothing as we need.
This is the space to let go in this busy season. Embracing the nurturing stillness of Restorative Yoga will calm the body and mind.

Suitable for all levels and abilities.

Tuesday, December 20th,
This 2hr workshop costs $55. UPHALE believes Yoga is best shared so buy one ticket get one 50% off.

Check out "Candlelight Calm Your Christmas Restorative Yoga" on Eventbrite!

Date: Tue., Dec. 20, 6:00 p.m.

Location: Edith Rankin Memorial United Church