The Dharana Method Meditation Level #1 100HR

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The Dharana Method’s lineup of tools, programs & certifications utilize the power of focus, or dhāraṇā (Sanskrit for single-pointed concentration, as explained in the 8 Limbs of Yoga), to help you to stop identifying with negative thoughts, and teach you how to feel at home in yourselves. Meditators who use this method will cultivate: Mind-body balance, compassion, non-reactivity and clarity in one’s purpose.

Benefits of Earning The Dharana Method® Certified Meditation Teacher, 100-hour Certificate
This course is designed to aid students in developing a regular meditation practice by learning various forms of meditation, as well as their benefits and uses. Students will be able to recite meditation history, including lineages/prominent teachers and their teachings. Students will also learn to observe and correct their own emotions and habits, in order to help future clients with their expertise and compassion. Students also learn elements of a healthy, Ayurvedic lifestyle in order to coach clients, as well as to integrate these values into their own lives. Students will comprehensively grasp the concepts of mindfulness, mantras, affirmations, chakras, intentions and more, so that they are equipped to give future clients a breadth of tools for creating sustainable peace and happiness.

Course Content
✔️ History of Meditation, including The Vedas & Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
✔️ The principles behind Meditation and Mindfulness
✔️ What is mindfulness, and how can it change your life?
✔️ The scientific benefits of meditation and mindfulness
✔️ Breathing and Posture of meditation
✔️ The Dharana Method of meditation, and why focus-based meditation works
✔️ The Science of Sound, and Mantra meditation
✔️ The Subtle Body, and Chakra meditation
✔️ Sound meditation, including how to use bells and bowls
✔️ Visualization, and Moving meditation
✔️ How to discover and re-frame limiting beliefs, set powerful intentions and attract abundance
✔️ Introduction to the "perfect health" science of Ayurveda (students will be trained to suggest meditations based on dominant doshas, as well as refer clients to Ayurvedic resources for healing)
✔️ Best practices of teaching classes, and meeting with clients
✔️ The business and ethics of teaching meditation
Course Requirements for The Dharana Method Certified Meditation Teacher, 100-hour Certificate
This is a Pass/Fail class. Students must complete 100% of the following requirements in order to become qualified as a Certified Meditation Teacher, 100-hour (CMT 100-hr).

100 hours of Certification breakdown

13 contact hours with lead trainer - 12 60-minute classes (via the online modules)
87 non-contact hours - At the end of the course, submit your 84-hour practice log; that’s 1 hour a day, recording your home study (meditation, mindfulness, reading, other meditation classes, etc.)
As separate assignments - but also hours that can be included in your 84-hour practice log - submit 3 TRY experiences from Wherever You Go, There You Are. (At the end of most chapters in this book, there is a challenge for you to “try.”) Journal three of these experiences and upload them by the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week.
1 contact hour - Attend one outside-of-class Meditation-related class, webinar or experience where meditation is taught (any kind!) and submit a journal entry.

2 practicum hours - Volunteer to lead two meditation classes: One to your assigned peer, and another to a group (or individual) outside of class. Submit a journal entry on each experience
1 contact hour - Participate in all Q&A with Lead Trainer these are through ZOOM
1 non-contact hour retreat research - Find and research a meditation retreat that interests you. Submit a document explaining the retreat: Where, what, when, what type of meditation, etc. It is not a requirement of this level to actually go on the retreat, but it is very important to eventually go on retreat in order to synthesize your knowledge and practice.
Total - 100 Contact Hours, 2 practicum hours*

Non-contact hours from: outside reading, webinars, workshops, etc. can be used for makeup hours if arranged in writing with lead trainer.

****Level #2 will be Launching 2020 Pre-requisite will be Level#1 and competition of both will give you Meditation Life Coach - Meditation Teacher **

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