Northern Intentions: New Year's Eve Retreat

Submitted by Joshua Lewis on October 09, 2019@9:15:AM

Embrace the Magic of Winter & Retreat Inward to Warm the Soul
during this 4 day-3 night escape to Algonquin’s Northern Edge

Join Joshua Lewis and Trevor Corkum for a special four-day retreat at Northern Edge Alqonguin, a luxurious all-seasons retreat centre in Algonquin Park. The retreat will feature gentle yoga, meditation, reflective writing, and the chance to indulge in the best winter has to offer. Think cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, enjoying the wood-fired sauna, or simply napping by the fire with a book. Our intention is to allow you to gently and intentionally anchor into the promise and abundance of a new year, in gorgeous lakeside surroundings.
Early Bird Rates starting at:

$799+hst (per person - special group rate for 4-5 participants)

$875+hst per person (shared accommodation)
$915+hst per person (couple accommodation)

*This is a savings of $75 off of the 2019 Standard Retreat Rates. Early Bird Rates are only available until Nov 15/19.

Contact: for more info/registration details

New Year’s Eve and the time around it represents a sacred threshold...
a crossing over into possibility and wonder, a time for attuning to our highest selves and setting the conscious intentions that reflect our needs and allow us the perspective, compassion and patience to accept exactly where we are. It is a time for quiet renewal. A time for humble reflection. A time for connected celebration. For many years I have spent NYE in solitude or (shared) solitude with others who also wish to mark this new beginning in a mindful way. I’ve had my share of full-out, highly social, NYE celebrations - and although they have their place - I have found that I appreciate waking up on New Year’s Day feeling refreshed, awake and tuned up as opposed to sleeping half the day away and pulling the covers over my head ;) I have also found that I appreciate being simultaneously in community and in solitude at this time. I like to be able to sit with my journal, be in nature, re-coup from the busyness of the holiday season and bask in the afterglow of the winter solstice. I like to be lulled by music and nourished by comforting food and deeply immersed in the practices that clear my consciousness and soothe my soul.

It is from this intentional place that Trevor and I are creating this special retreat and what we desire for you to experience as well.

And there is no better place for this gathering to occur than at Northern Edge - which has been the home of my last two Autumn in Algonquin retreats. Northern Edge supports a truly exceptional retreat experience; in my humble opinion, it’s the best premium retreat centre in Ontario and we are so glad that they have opened up their doors for us to gather at the end of this year. They are an all-season retreat centre and they specialize in outdoor winter activities. Think snowshoeing, dog-sledding, ice skating on the lake and relaxing in the wood-fired sauna.