AWESOME Marketing & Communications COACH!

Submitted by Stephanie Van De Ven on September 12, 2019@4:08:PM

Does putting together a marketing plan for your practice or business give you shivers up your arm?

Want to focus on what you do best, while someone awesome like me can take the marketing reigns for you?

Heck ya you do!!

Look no further my friends!

I am a professional marketing, public relations and promotions guru extraordinaire! (Proudly since 2006 )

Here's how I can help YOU.....

- create graphic images for you for social media so you don't have to!
- create newsletters for you to reach a new audience, and engage with your current audience in a wonderful and intimate way
- create FB & Instagram ads for you that WORK and get clicks/likes/shares/views.
- support you with your website so it looks smokin' ( I'm best with Wix & Shopify, and I have a love-hate relationship with Wordpress)
- manage and post your content, events, promotions, classes, updates, etc for you so you don't have to worry about it and you can just enjoy being your wonderful self!
- coach you with your business by keeping you on track and meeting your goals, showing you how to stay organized and hungry, and working with you to up-level your business in an EPIC way
- teach you how to use various platforms so you have the best of success, and you're self sufficient
- create blogs for you about topics that are relevant to your location, industry or target market that are awesomely-written because I am a published author and kick butt writer
- brainstorm and help you create promotions, contests and giveaway's online that work and get you more eyeballs on your pages and more money for your wages!
- create unique ideas, opportunities to further expand your business and reach so you are top of mind my friend!

IF you think this sounds awesome, and you're thinking it's uber expensive, it's not!

I am professional, affordable, reliable, experienced, and I"m also a certified meditation teacher and currently studying to get my yoga certification too.

I can help you. Make things EASY for you.

I have packages that will rock your socks off, and will help take out any marketing stress you might have.

Email me. I'll send you more details.

Steph -