Self Care Yoga Series

Submitted by Maggie Callaghan on August 16, 2019@10:34:AM

In today's society, women are under more pressure than ever before. Trying to find balance in our everyday lives can sometime lead us to feeling like we're constantly on the go and life is passing by. We feel like we can't slow down, but then we burn out. But if we begin to take better care of our mental, physical and emotional health that's when we really feel like we have balance. That is what the self care series is about.

During a four week program, you will learn how to really take care of your mind, body and spirit through using all aspects of yoga. Each week, our private session will begin with pranayama to release whatever is holding us back from finding peace. We will move through hatha sequences that will have you feeling grounded, relaxed and connected and finally you will feel complete bliss through our guided visualization meditation. Each week, you will be given mindfulness tools to try and reflect on in your Self Care journal - included within the program. This journal is for you to keep to ensure the self care practice continues.

To register - please email with your full name, email and phone number. You will be sent registration forms that will need to be completed along with a $25 deposit to secure your spot. The remainder of the payment will be due at the first session.

We begin September 1, 2019. Space is limited due to the nature of the program.