200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Submitted by Benders Yoga Inc. on December 29, 2018@7:42:PM

Attain your initial 200 Hour certification and learn how to practice and teach yoga safely. This program is co-facilitated by Michele Barnes, CYA-RYTGold and Leslie Heisz, CYA-RYT400.

The Benders Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is focused on providing its participants with the historical context of yoga and bio-mechanical information of essential yoga poses and breath work that will help them to both practice and teach yoga safely. You will learn to re-evaluate this ‘time-honoured’ tradition, celebrate what works and transform what doesn’t.

Dates: January 12th - June 23rd, 2019
Times: Saturdays 10am - 7pm; Sundays 10am - 6pm
Location: Benders Yoga
Fee and Registration: Payment options and full registration details can be found on www.michelebarnes.com/yoga-teacher-training