100Hr Meditation Facilitator Training Program 2020

Submitted by Naturality on February 10, 2014@6:20:PM

Duration: 100 hours

Teacher: Mira

Start date: anytime

Unique features of the program:

Learning and practicing a variety of meditations including mindfulness, expansiveness, visualization and guided imagery, sound meditation, who am I, dream, and sleep meditation. Meditation is complimented by gentle movements and breath work (Pranayama)

Special emphasis on meditation in anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, PTSD and helping terminally ill and dying

Exploring the concept and experience of the authentic self, Samadhi, and enlightenment

Learning the science and biology of meditation, mind-body medicine, Samadhi, and Enlightenment

Learning your innate nature or Prakriti for lifestyle management

Practice: mastering the theory and practice of ten major and minor meditations

Major: Expansiveness, Mindfulness, Who Am I, Visualization, Sound meditation, Self-love, Sleep and Dream meditation, Meditation with Dying,

Minor: Drunk with Divine, Self Meditation and more

Four movements: Bindu or Point movement, Kwan Yin movement, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Naturality poses

Breathing practices: Breath of Dissolution or Kalajayi breath, Conscious breathing, Alternate nostril breathing, and more.

Course material: Binder and Digital Resources

$350 CAD (includes course material)

For information and registration, please contact
Mira @ mira.rostami@hotmail.com or 905-541-1870