Suspension Yoga Teacher Training & Certification

Submitted by HappyHeart Yoga on August 14, 2019@12:13:PM

Teach your clients to fly...literally!!!

With the OmGym® Suspension System, teach clients at all levels how gravity can be effectively used as one of the greatest tools available in achieving wellness, fitness and healing. By implementing simple, customized strategies, your students will learn how to release muscular tension, increase joint mobility, develop poise and coordination, and slow down the aging process, all while having a great time!

During this 4 day intensive, participants will learn the fundamentals of Suspension Training using the versatile OmGym® Suspension Yoga Sling, including set-ups and applications for Suspension Yoga, Bodyweight Training and Suspension Therapy. The course outlines both grounded and aerial exercises with multi-dimensional variations and grading principles. Strong emphasis is placed on integration of proper form, support, stabilization and safety throughout the duration of each exercise.

Fees and Payment Options

Cost for CYA members includes a $100 discount off the course fee of $1550 plus a complimentary OmGym Suspension Sling. A completed application with a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required upon registration.

Payment Plan
Customizable payment plans to meet your budget are now available for qualifying parties. For more information email:

Location: The Flying Yogi, 245 Carlaw Ave. Suite 007, Toronto ON, M4M 2S1

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Call: 647-993-YOGI (9644) or Email: