SOMA PARENTING PROGRAM ( vis YouTube and Zoom) - F

Submitted by School of Soma on February 03, 2024@10:09:AM


A 4-session series @7PM India Time - Sundays (14th Jan '24 to 4th Feb '24)

A child rooted in the body is naturally spiritual, happy, and wholesome and will grow into a compassionate change-maker and an architect of a new world.

Jivasu’s teachings are based on evidence-based knowledge, direct experience of the body, and insights from caring for his children and granddaughter.

Join Jivasu and learn about the four pillars of childcare to:

• Help your child form a healthy identity to live in the world with confidence, clarity, and calmness.
• Make your child body-wise through Interoceptive skills. Interoception is a new neurobiology branch that helps connect to our body to remain body-wise. A body-wise child is good at self-care and care of others.
• Help your child to develop emotional intelligence to form meaningful, loving relationships with success in studies and later at work.
• Discover your children’s personalities and create a space to express their creative potential.
All of our offerings are free of charge with a voluntary contribution. Proceeds cover the costs of programs, and any profit goes to charity.