MEDITATION TRAINING - Online, at all times

Submitted by Baba Yoga on May 12, 2021@12:47:PM

This course invites you to discover (or rediscover) meditation through the study and practice of various meditation techniques, in order to understand the utilities, the effects and to give you a direct experience with each of these techniques. The study and practice of these various techniques will allow you to deepen your personal path, but will also give you tools to guide and advise your students on the various paths of meditation.

This ten-week course is composed of weekly sessions of individual lessons (online meeting) and is centered around a daily personal practice that will allow you to gradually deepen your understanding and your practice of meditation. Although the course is ten weeks long, progress will be at your own pace and additional practice weeks may be added if you need it. Finally, a personalized follow-up (by email) is also included in the course.

Live meeting: 10 one-hour sessions (usually once a week).

Your personal practice: 25 hours: a practice schedule will be given at the beginning of each week. The meditation time will gradually increase over the weeks. These hours of personal practice are very important to have a good experience with each technique that will be studied throughout the training.

Total training duration: 35 hours

Date and time: we set up a regular schedule that fits your availability.

Course fee: 200$ - CAD
Information and registration:

A certificate will be awarded after completing the entire course as well as the exam.