Meditation Returning to the roots of Self On Line

Submitted by Art Rocks & Healing Yoga on November 02, 2020@1:06:PM

Meditation literally means centering yourself which can be done anywhere, anytime of the day. It is the
subtraction of doing from our life which is required, without making it too hard to try rather living it 24×7. In
today's time due to the complexity of human mind, we have lost the innocence and receptivity of how to
enjoy life. Our subconscious mind has the capacity to absorb all unresolved feelings, trauma, thoughts,
emotions. We create barriers in our life which blocks us away to experience life as it is. Meditation helps
us to tap into any unresolved issues, imprints lying deep inside our subconscious mind, allowing us to
release it all and hence helping us to live in harmony with universal consciousness.
Yoga and Meditation is becoming increasingly popular in the modern setting. It is crucial to understand
that Meditation not only addresses or heals mental and health issues, but it serves a much higher
purpose in life 'to know the self'. This 20-hour meditation course is uniquely designed by Audrey and
Joshita with an intention to learn Meditation not only theoretically but also build a strong foundation for
your everyday home practice. It comprises of cathartic and seated practices both from ancient and
contemporary traditions to unleash your energy source which is usually trapped inside us and finally
allowing it to return to the self.
This course is intended for students to deepen their own personal practice as well as for people working
in teaching or healing environment, also therapists, coaches, facilitators looking to further expand their
understanding of ancient practices of Meditation. If you have ever struggled to express to your friend’s or
people around you that why Meditation practice is helpful and you are looking for a grounded, practical
understanding then this course will be an excellent guide. You do not have to have any experience with
Meditation, or any type of Yoga to start on this life-changing journey, all are welcome to join. Whether
you’re a yoga teacher or curious practitioner, we welcome you to this Meditation training program so you
can experience for yourself how Meditation can help your body, mind, and heart flourish and thrive.
It will give you the foundational skills to work with the general public and a comprehensive and well-rooted
practice from which to further develop specialized skills such as working with trauma and recovery
populations. This more than ever is needed; we fill our cups so we can help others fill theirs.
The online training is laid over 8 weekend (16 classes/ 75 minute) format that guide students through live
online videos, manual PDF of Meditation which will be emailed to the students as the course progresses.
Students are encouraged to take their time to connect with the curriculum and deepen their practice. You
will receive dedicated support from Joshita and Audrey, who are available throughout training to answer
questions and motivation to deepen your practice.
The course is 20hrs registered with Canadian Yoga Alliance and a completion certificate is given to all
students who fully complete the training. It’s open to all, whether you’re a registered yoga teacher or
simply a practitioner wanting to deepen your understanding of this practice!
What to expect:
-Experience 16 classes in home immersion on what Meditation is, both its philosophy and practices in its
effortless state.
- Learn to conduct and teach authentic Meditation (philosophy/ theory + practice) classes on your own.
- Examine in detail the practices and philosophy from different traditions such as Yoga Nidra, Chakra
clearance practice, trauma healing, Zen meditation, Cathartic practices to unburden your subconscious,
energy based practices, Mindfulness, visualization and so on.
-Learn about the mechanism of the mind and how Meditation helps us awaken our subconscious barriers
such as self-limiting thoughts, unhelpful habits, long-held fears, and negative emotions. You will learn
mindfulness practices that you can apply during the day, after you leave the mat.
-Explore the role of Autonomous nervous system as to how to stabilize your nervous system and how
stress and tension affect every level of our being, and the application of Meditation in daily life can be
-Discuss the related science behind techniques used in the practice and how the ancient roots intersect
with the Western understanding of the mind.
- Cultivate an understanding of how to teach and deliver safe, effective, and compassionate Meditation
sessions for yourself and others, in personal or studio.
-Receive guidance on how to create and maintain your own home Meditation practice.
What you will receive:
- Live online lectures of Meditation philosophy and practices.
- Completion of 20 hour Meditation course with Art Rocks Healing Yoga School, a Registered Gold
School with The Canadian Yoga Alliance Continuous Education Program Certificate.