50-Hour ONLINE Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Submitted by Rainbow Yoga Training on August 12, 2020@7:51:PM

This course is for anyone who loves working with children and is This course is for anyone who loves working with children and is passionate about yoga and mindfulness.

You don’t need to be a yoga teacher to take this training and can join as an established yoga teacher as well. Join the fastest growing market in yoga around the globe!

why study online?

Work at your own pace. Complete all 15 modules from the convenience of your own home, office or wherever you are. Receive all the benefits of attending a live training without leaving your own home. The course is super engaging and easy to follow, it feels just like you are at a live training. Be part of a global community of Rainbow Kids Yoga Teachers studying online and taking kids yoga to their communities around the world.

Learn the skills to be an inspiring and engaging kids yoga teacher. Experience Rainbow Kids Yoga through an array of videos, yoga games, dance, partner work, music, songs, acrobalance and human pyramids. Discover new ways to connect and use yoga as a means to teach important lessons in age-appropriate ways. Gopala teaches you all you need to know about teaching yoga to kids. Experience lectures and practical techniques, a dictionary of 300 videos with kids yoga poses and how to make it all fun!

-What is Yoga for Children and its Benefits
-The Principles of Teaching Yoga for Kids
-Teaching Techniques for Different Age Groups
-How to Help Children Stay Longer in Poses
-How to Help Children Do Poses Better
-Class Structure
-Connecting and Warming up
-Relaxation techniques for Kids
-Class Management Techniques
-Yoga for Children with Additional Needs
-Live Classes in action
-Family Yoga for Parents and Their Children
-How to Promote Your Yoga Business

Start anytime and complete 15 modules online at your own pace. Each module creates the foundation for the next enabling you to build your experience and expertise as you move through the training. At the end of each module, there is a short quiz to ensure you understand each component and get the most out of this amazing teacher training. Upon successful completion of the Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training you receive a certificate to teach Rainbow Kids Yoga.

Once you have completed the course you will be able to teach Kids Yoga classes online, via zoom, in education centres, schools, daycare centres, yoga studios, birthday parties, gyms, fitness centres, private classes and various other locations.

where can I teach kids yoga?

Rainbow Kids Yoga is a unique style of communal and interactive yoga. Our yoga is all about connection, celebrating life and bringing people together. The Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is life-changing and will transform the lives of children in your family, school and community.

Complete all 15 modules within 6 months of registering and gain lifetime access to this incredible training! This will give you ongoing access to all classes, kids yoga pose directory and the online community for years to come!

On completion of the Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training you receive a certificate for the completion of 50 Hour Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Graduates can use this certificate to gain insurance and teach all over the world.

Don’t pay anything until the end of your trial!


How does the 7 Day Free Trial work?

Choose your payment option above and sign up for the 7 Day Free Trial. Once you have signed up you will receive a separate email on the same day (Within 12 hours or less) with a link to join the Online Training. You have 7 days from the time you signed up, to try our amazing Online Training. You will only be charged after 7 days.

How do I cancel my 7 Day Free Trial?

You can cancel your 7 Day Free Trial anytime within the trial period. Email info@rainbowyogatraining.com with your Full Name letting us know you would like to cancel your 7 Day Free Trial. Make sure to email us before your 7 Day Trial ends. After 7 Days you will be charged as per your payment option selection.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Once your payment plan or full tuition payment is complete and you have full access to the Online Training there are no cancellations or refunds.