Elevate Your Shine AYTE - October 2015

Submitted by BLiSS Ann Green Yoga on January 04, 2016@1:12:PM

• Utilize and apply the Elevate Your SHiNE sequence to move beyond alignment
• Deconstructing the Six Postures of Yoga within SHiNE Elevation
• Structure to vinyasa krama
• Formula
• Format
• A Factor
• Brief alignment advancement
• Anatomy to polish your SHiNE in the Elevate Your SHiNE sequence
• SHiNE languaging and somatics in the Elevate Your SHiNE sequence

Preparation Pre Reading: [Approximately 30 hours]
• Somatics, Thomas Hanna
• Yoga Anatomy, Lesley Kaminoff
• The Breathing Book, Donna Farhi

Afterlogue: [Approximately 22 hours]
• Exam / Video / Class / Assignment
• As determined upon class needs, specificity + basis