Elevate your Shine AYTE - January 2014

Submitted by Bliss Ann Green Yoga on June 15, 2015@2:10:PM

Preparation Pre Reading: [Approximately 30 hours]
" Somatics
" Yoga Anatomy, Lesley Kaminoff
" Breathing, Donna Farri
Afterlogue: [Approximately 22 hours]
" Exam / Video / Class / Assignment
" As determined upon class needs, specificity + basis
Course Description
A 100 Hour Course to elevate your understanding of the SHiNEOLOGY System in Application of Vinyasa
Sequencing. Teachers of Basic Certification and more, are invited to deeply explore the Sequencing
of SHiNE within the sequenced + outlined program of Elevate Your Shine. Teachers will come away
with greater understanding of Alignment, Anatomy, Familial Based Posture Sequencing, and, Structural
Sequencing utilizing the Upward Spiral, Positive Shine and the Vertical Alignment System of SHiNE with
Ann Green and SHiNEOLOGY.
" Utilize and Apply the Elevate Your SHiNE Sequence to Move Beyond Alignment
" Deconstructing the Six Postures of Yoga within SHiNE Elevation
" Structure to Vinyasa Krama
" Formula
" Format
" A Factor
" Brief Alignment Advancement
" Anatomy to Polish your SHiNE in the Elevate Your SHiNE Sequence
" SHiNE Languaging and Somatics in the Elevate Your SHiNE Sequence