Janie Pelletier (CYA-RYT 550 Member)

  • Location: Montreal, Quebec Canada
  • Website: janiepyoga.com
  • E-mail: janiepyoga@gmail.com
  • Service Offered: Hatha, vinyasa
  • Certified: Moksha , Kula Yoga
  • Years of Practice: 15
  • Teaching Experience: 7
  • Professor, Guru or Teachers: Schuyler Grant, Terri McCollum, Jill Campbell, Dina Tsoulouhas, Sara Gallagher, Alexandria Crow
  • Date Joined: September 27, 2017
  • CYA Insurance: No

About Me

I am a Nature lover I do a lot of different sports and believe in Yoga as a medicine. I'm also a strong advocate of community building and human connection.

About My Service

Through my teaching I want to support students on exploring who they are and how unique their physiologie and personality is. I believe that we need to keep evolving and learning about 'our' yoga and what it means to us in order to be able to support others and guide them into their search. I teach the foundations of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. I've also created a 200 hours curriculum to train yoga teachers to unravel their True Nature through a well designed modern mix of Philosophy, movement inteligence, the power of breath work, phisiology, connection to Nature, well thought sequencing and Sangha support!

Continued Education