James (Jim) Rischmiller (CYA-RYT Gold Member)

  • Location: Victoria, British Columbia Canada
  • Website: N/A
  • E-mail: Private
  • Service Offered: BKS Iyengar and Swami Radha Sivananda
  • Certified: see professors
  • Years of Practice: 35 years
  • Teaching Experience: 30Years
  • Professor, Guru or Teachers: BKS Iyengar. Swami Sivananda Radha.
  • Date Joined: November 29, 2016
  • CYA Insurance: No

About Me

I had heart bypass surgery (family genes) in 2006 and afterwards my surgeon said "you gave yourself 15 years over your Dad by your yoga lifestyle" So I know yoga works.
For me yoga is about laughter, joyfulness, gratitude and purpose and loving my practice even when I miss it through laziness.

About My Service

I try to convey the idea that Yoga/life are tools to learn about finding ourselves. Most of my classes these days are for drop-ins who may have done yoga before, or not. So I use props. Yoga mats, chairs, blocks, straps, walls what ever helps a person find out where they are today. e.g. The connection of Conscious standing in Tadasana, and the grounding-balance of the first (Muladhara) Cakra.

Continued Education