Continued Education

Personal Study/Readings Sept2013-Aug2014 = 85.5hrs

October 19, 2014@10:15:PM

Judith Lasater: Yoga Body
Holotrphic breathwork:
John Sarno: The Divided Mind: the epidemic of mindbody disorders
Edited by Jon Katab-Zin and Richard Davidson: The Mind's Own Physician: a scientific dialogue with the Dalia Lama on the healing power of meditation
Jack Kornfield: The Wise Heart: a guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Pyschology
Jack Kornfield: The art of forgiveness, lovingkendness and Peace
Gabor Maté: When the Body says no: exploring the stress-disease connection
Swami Ambikandanda Saraswati: Healing Yoga: A guide to integrating the chakras with your yoga practice
Sharon Salzberg: Lovingkindness: the revolutionary art of happiness
Jon Katab-Zinn: Mindfulness for Beginners: reclaiming the present moment - and your life
Gail Boulanger: Life goes on: losing, letting go and living again
Deepak Chopra: Seven spiritual laws of yoga: practical guide to healing body, mind & spirit
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa: Eight human talents: yogic way to restore balance of serenity within you
Thich Nhat Hanh: Making Space: creating a home meditation practice
Dalai Lama & Victor Chan: Wisdom of the compassion
Jack Kornfield: Lamp in the darkness
Dalai Lama: Mind in comfort and ease: vision of enlightenment in the great perfection
Swami Sivananda Radha: Kundalini: Yoga for the west: foundation for character builidng, courage & awareness
Noriyki Ueda, Dalai Lama: What Matters Most - conversations on anger, compassion & action
Dalai Lama: How to be compassionate
Dalai Lama, Victor Chan: Wisdom of forgiveness
Ian Gawler/Paul Bedson: Meditation: an in-depth guide
Michael Stone: Yoga for a world out of balance: teachings on ethics and social action
Francoise Barbara Freedman: Yoga for Pregnancy
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa: Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissfull
Michael Stone: Inner tradition of Yoga