Continued Education

Update as Of March 2014

March 05, 2014@6:50:PM

City of Saskatoon Community Development Branch, Saskatoon, SK 2002 - present
Yoga Instructor
 Provide instruction in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga to members of various
community associations
 - facilitating introductory and introductory/intermediate yoga classes at provincial community centers since 1995 with over 600 hours teaching yoga, and integrating NVC life into Yoga since 2001.
 Promotion of Canadian Yoga Alliance and Yoga through website

Yoga Instructor Training, JNS Yoga, Yoga Central, Self- training, Saskatoon, SK 1992 – present
 Certified in CPR First Aid Level C

YWCA, Saskatoon, SK, City of Saskatoon Leisure Services 1995 - 2003
Aerobic Fitness Instructor
 Instruction of low impact aerobics and gentle yoga

Nonviolent Communication Training, 2001 – present
 Ongoing self and group practice/study, home study course
 Continuous online/live training with various certified Center for Nonviolent Communication (cnvc) trainers
 Supporter at Iris blog
 Promotion of NVC through website

Saskatoon Adlerian Society, Saskatoon Family Support Centre, Saskatoon, SK 1993 - 2001
Parent Educator
o Offered classes relating to parenting, miscarriages and grieving parents, parenting pre-school
children, step-parenting, single parenting and interpersonal communication
o Organized and participated in Day for Parents at St. Paul’s Hospital

Yoga Training
-Teacher training with JoAnn Sutherland, Yoga training with Patricia Dewar, Sanskrit Training with Braj Sinha, Compassionate Communication through the work of Marshall Rosenberg, Meditation Training through Jeanne Corrigal
-Self Lifetime Study of the following references:
-Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health by B.K.S. Iyengar (book)
-How to Use Yoga by Mira Mehta (book)
-Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff (book)
-Yoga for Beginners by Mark Ansari and Liz Lark (book)
-Partner Yoga: Making Contact for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Growth by Cain Carroll and Lori Kimata (book)
-The Art of Yoga by Sharon Gannon and David Life (Photography by Martin Brading) (book)

-Shakti Gawain- Creative Visualization (audio)
-Patsy Grey- Trust Your Instincts (audio)
-Rick Hanson via Sounds True –Meditations for Happiness, Meditations to Stress Proof Your Brain (audio)
-Rick Hanson & Richard Mendius via Sounds True-Meditations to Change Your Brain (audio)
-Thich Naht Hahn via Sounds True/Plum Village-various meditations (audio)
-Snatam Kaur -The Essential Snatam Kaur: Sacred Chants For Healing (audio)

-Venerable Lama Losang Samten (Mandela (sand) retreat/meditation training)
-Participation in Sanga with Saskatoon Insight Meditation Group sittings, walking meditation days, retreats
Yoga Practice
-Daily meditation and/or yoga practice, alternating focus on 8 limbs of yoga. In depth ongoing integration of Yama, Niyama, Pranayama, Prathayara, Dharana, Dhyana , Samadhi alongside with the Asanas commonly referenced in the West as Yoga.
~Drop in to local Yoga classes to meet needs personal learning, variety and community
NVC Training
-At home book study of first edition, "Nonviolent Communication-A Language for Life-Marshall B. Rosenberg" 2001
-Completion of book study of second edition, “Nonviolent Communication-A Language for Life”2010-present (3rd or 4th read)
-CNVC supporter 2010 -present
-Participation/ planning/co-hosting local practice groups- with local NVC members, 2010 to present
-Completion of NVC at home Training Course, 9 CD and ongoing completion of workbook 2011-present
-Study of "The Heart of Social Change" and "Getting Past the Anger Between Us" 2010
-Regina NVC workshop weekend with certified trainer Henry Wai 2011
-Saskatoon NVC workshop weekend with Margaret Cram Howie 2011
-Restorative Circles Saskatoon weekend training with certified trainer Duke Duchscherer 2011
-Intermediate NVC Training, Edmonton workshop weekend with certified trainer Anne Walton, fall 2012
-Completion of yearlong online Compassion Course 2012 with certified trainer Thom Bond
-Saskatoon NVC workshop weekend with certified trainer Glenda Mattinson 2013

Current and Ongoing NVC Related Projects
-Creating icons/original artworks for use and support for copyright integrity in Bay NVC publications as source of contribution.
-Offering and Creation of original artworks (thereby securing copyright integrity) for income/exchange with NVC members globally.
-Facilitation of NVC "A Language for Life" book reading group and learning support for local John Lake Parent Center, 2013-2014.
-Artwork creation for potential local Saskatoon NVC community website use
-Continuous collaboration with local NVC members to support their NVC offerings to our community
-Continuous organization/networking to create events for training and invitation for social connection with local NVC interested members
-Created Facebook NVC based community page, “Saskatoon Peaceful Families”2013-present
-Collaboration and NVC dialogue with provincial government political parties for policy change regarding Saskatchewan Social Service agencies (2013- preparation for review paper for Spring 2014 Session in House of Legislature)
-Author of March/April 2014 WHOliFE Journal Article titled, “Speaking of Compassion”.
NVC Practice
- Living Application of NVC within family (book reading and exercises with two adult daughters and one teen son, requested reading and digital download for family and friends) 2001 -present
-participant in Occupy Peace online group utilizing NVC process to respond to emergency empathy calls, 2011
-participant and facilitator on World Empathy Day-24 hour Global Tele-Empathy calls with certified trainer, Mair Alight, 2011
-contribution as cooperative admin (2013) and empathic responses in online Gentle Space for Requesting Empathy...NVC Facebook group 2011-present
-participant practicing empathic process in Facebook NVC Practice, NVC Witness, NVC Parents online groups 2012 -present
-participant in Yahoo NVC related groups : synergycommunication 2010-present, NVC Parenting 2010 -present, NVC Brain 2013-present, NVC certificationcandidate 2013-present
-participant and potential host in doodle- Skype based, “Empathy and Honesty - a practice group for 4 people” with Ivana Horakova, Czech republic