Continued Education

Non Violent Communication Training

February 01, 2013@12:20:PM

-At home book study of first edition,"Non-Violent Communication-A language for Life-Marshall B. Rosenberg" 2001+
-Participation co-hosting local practice groups- with Linda McCann/Darla Tenold 2010 to present
-NVC at home Training Course, 9 CD and workbook 2011/2012
-Study of "The Heart of Social Change" and "Getting Past the Anger Between Us" 2010
-Regina NVC workshop weekend with Henry Wai
-Saskatoon NVC workshop weekend with Margaret Cram Howie
-Restorative Circles Saskatoon weekend training with Duke Duchscherer
-CNVC Training, Edmonton workshop weekend with Anne Walton, fall 2012
-CNVC supporter 2010 to present