Continued Education

July, 2012

August 05, 2012@12:12:PM

The month of July was very busy for me with Personal Training and classes. I taught 11 hours of Yoga classes with an emphasis on hip opening and strength and balance. The golfers in my classes have noticed a distinct improvement in their games as a direct result of taking my Yoga classes. It has strengthened them but more importantly it has improved flexibility and ease in the game. So exciting to see and hear these results!
I also had the privilege of teaching Yoga at the Girls only summer camp for a 1 hour session. We did partner yoga, building trust and fun and also some balance and cooling postures to bring back calmness. The 8 to 12 year olds did great and we had fun.
I also attended my first hot Yoga class in Ajax at my teaching studio on July 26th and Yoga for Jocks which was very eye opening. Thank you to Balanced Life Yoga in Ajax for your high calibre of Teachers and class offerings. That was a total of 2 hours in other 500hr teachers classes.