Continued Education

50 hour Restorative Teacher Training

August 25, 2019@8:09:PM

This integrated Cross-Disciplinary approach to restorative yoga honors the innate wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit as we slow down and take the time to witness the processes of all layers of the self.

In a culture that focuses on ‘doing’ more than ‘being,’ this training offers techniques to help bridge that gap and bring us all back home to the essence of who we are. Cultivate an awareness of self-care principles through first-hand experiential learning, and understand how our bodies respond to stress and relaxation. Allow your nervous system to unwind, restore optimal functioning, and find freedom within. In this training you will gain the tools and insight to respond to your own body’s needs and to guide others to release into a deep relaxation response physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Through mindful restoration and relaxation, we arrive at a place of deep inner calm, self- awareness, and revitalization.