Continued Education

February 2012, March 2012

February 13, 2012@8:34:AM

I was privileged to be able to attend the "Living Your Dharma" module of the 300 hr teacher training at Balanced Life Yoga Studio in Ajax. It is a 20 hour inward look at my passions and gifts and what I can uniquely bring to my Yoga Instruction and to all areas of my life. I found that I have always felt my Dharma deeply, but was able to put it on paper and clarify it for the first time.
" I am the hands and feet of God who by creating a sanctuary of freedom, being joy, wellness and abundance leads us all to the Source of all healing, God himself."
What an amazing privilege and calling. It makes me look at all areas of my life and ask" am I doing that in this area or not?".
I have had the opportunity to attend Alyssa's Gentle Yoga class for 45 minutes on Friday February the 10th at the Lindsay Recreation Centre. Her slow approach promotes mindfulness and self compassion. I will only be teaching 7 hours of Yoga classes this month because my husband and I are going on vacation for 2 weeks.
In March I attended another 300 hr module at Balanced Life Yoga in Ajax called, Fearless Teaching and Practice. It was a 20 hr weekend of instruction and practice. It was a very demanding and exciting module. I also spent 6 hours teaching classes in March.