Continued Education

August 2016

September 10, 2016@10:29:AM

I taught 11 classes in August and enjoyed the lighter load. I took time off to run and to do my own Yoga practice. Meditation is the focus as well as staying injury free for my running. I have signed up for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 1/2 marathon. I find that using my Yoga breath with my run I am in a moving meditation for my runs.
I also attended the Can Fit Pro Conference where I was able to attend Pi Yo LIVE class( 1.5 hours) which is a creative blend of Pilates and Yoga and Fitness into challenging class format. It was very similar to my Pilates and Yoga Fusion classes that I had been doing for years before I was a certified Yoga Teacher. ( Fun)
I also was able to do the SHAKTI: The Experience class with Lawrence Biscontini (1.5 hours) It was a true experience of Grace of Yoga movement.
On August 27th I was invited by my daughter to Yoga in the Park in Bobcageon. It was an hour and a half of blissful movement close to the locks with 3 Yoga instructors from the area all taking turns teaching. It was so wonderful!