Continued Education

April 2016

September 10, 2016@10:06:AM

I attended the Yoga Conference and trade show in Toronto at the beginning of April.
I attended 4 sessions on Saturday the 2nd and did Towards a Healthy Pelvic Floor with M. McKinnon, Hand Balancing Clinic For Teachers with T. Norian (He was amazing!), Shanti Sweat with R. Yee and C Saidman Yee, and Co-Dependancy of Sacro Iliac Joints & Shoulders with S. Hately.
I also did one class in "the garden"on the show room floor. Partner Yoga with my husband and my daughter and her friend, We had a blast and did poses that we didn't know we could do!
What an amazing day. Definitely doing next year!
I also taught 18 classes in April. 5 were gentle Yoga and one was subbing for another teacher Power Yoga.
My own practice involved reviewing what I learned at the Yoga Conference and applying it.