Continued Education

December, 2011

January 01, 2012@4:16:PM

December 11th, I participated in a Shugendo Yoga workshop with Rick Wilmott from the United States. It was held at the Lindsay Recreation Complex Studio. It was an introduction to a new healing Yoga that combines Chi Kung, mantra, asana, and meditation as well as Shiatsu therapy(massage) to specific health problems with the intent to cure or relieve the disease or ailment. This was a very interesting a great introduction to a unique healing system that has great promise for so many people. Rick is planning to come back and do a teacher training in this new style and system of healing yoga. It was a 3 hour program.
On December the13th I attended a Yoga workshop with Krista Bromfield from Balanced Life Yoga Studio in Ajax where I did my training. This was a 1.5 hour class on "great pick ups" for a Power Yoga practice. I learned about what is required to have safe hop throughs and jump backs. As we concentrated on shoulder and arm strength as well as core strength I was able to identify areas of weakness in myself and safe ways to improve and teach this to a class as well.
I taught 10 class hours in December, and took a trip to Costa Rica over the Christmas Break where I was able to connect with nature. I even did sun salutes covered in volcanic mud with new friends and my daughter! Fun stuff!!