Evolve Yoga & Wellness (CYA-RYS 200 Member)

  • E-mail: info@evolvebowmanville.ca
  • Phone: 905-244-4479
  • Address: 98 King St. W
  • Location: Bowmanville, Ontario Canada
  • Website: www.evolvebowmanville.ca
  • Service Offered: Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative
  • Type of Certification Granted: 200 hr
  • Years in Operation: N/A
  • Date Joined: March 16, 2021

School Info

Evolve Yoga & Wellness is a community hub for wellness and connection. It is a safe space for our clients to be seen & heard while sharing with them the practices of Yoga for nourishment of mind, body, and spirit. We provide an inclusive atmosphere for our community to seek refuge, offering workshops to deepen their understanding of the multi-faceted practice of Yoga, including Women's Circles and Holistic Nutrition seminars.

Course Outline

100 Hours = Techniques, Training & Practice; Asana & Alignment, Modifications, Injury Prevention, Pranayama, Energy Systems, Energy Bodies, Koshas, Vayus

25 Hours = Teaching Methodology; Cueing, Verbal Adjustments, Demoing, Mirroring, Language & Use of Sanskrit, Mudras, Sequencing, Safety, Class Themes

25 Hours = Anatomy & Physiology; The Spine, Muscles & Nerves, Fascia, Skeletal System, Bones & Joints, Breath & Bandhas, Body Systems

40 Hours = Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics; The History of Yoga, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, 8 Limbs of Yoga, Meditation

10 Hours = Practicum; Practice Teaching & Final Teaching Assignment, Developing Confidence & Finding Your Voice

Other = The Business of Teaching Yoga, Honoring the Origins of Yoga, Creating an Experience,