Serene Yoga School (CYA-RYS-CE) (CYA-RYS-CE Member)

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  • Location: Montreal, Quebec Canada
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  • Service Offered: Yin, Prenatal, Kids, Senior
  • Type of Certification Granted: CE Certificate of Completion
  • Years in Operation: 1
  • Date Joined: March 30, 2018

School Info

Serene Yoga School was established with lots of emotions and devotion to educate, empower and create mindful yoga communities. Our aim is to bring our international teaching yoga experience to spread knowledge, raise awareness and help to keep the yoga spirit flowing

Course Outline

30 hours Yin Yoga teacher training consists of 24 hours in class and 6 hours self-study and preparation.
1) Anatomy & Physiology: The physical benefits of Yin Yoga. The connective tissues. Fascia.
2) Study of Asanas: Introduction and practice the different Yin asanas. Options and variations.
3) Study of Pranayama: Breathing techniques and exercises.
4) Study of Energy Systems: The 7 Chakras and how to stimulate the Chakra flow in your body.
5)The philosophy of Yin Yoga and the Taoist concept of Yin and Yan
6) Teaching methodology: Leading the class. Modifications. Props. Adjustments.
7) Meditation: a quick introduction to the different types of Meditation and how to integrate them into a Yin Yoga class.


Celeste Katty Araujo (Class of 2019)
Evelyne Delatri (Class of 2018)
Farah Dowli (Class of 2018)
Emmanuelle Giroux (Class of 2018)
Reine Kassar (Class of 2019)
Ida Lubonja (Class of 2018)
Fadia Nassr (Class of 2018)
Lina Rassem (Class of 2018)
Maïlys Rouselle (Class of 2018)
Rana Sharif (Class of 2018)
Patricia Stoeckl (Class of 2018)
Stephanie Vallerand (Class of 2018)