VanCityAcro (CYA-ACRO-YS Member)

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 6047207965
  • Address: 1338 commercial drive
  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
  • Website:
  • Service Offered: AcroYoga Teacher Training
  • Type of Certification Granted: Acro Yoga Certificate (80 Hrs)
  • Years in Operation: 5
  • Date Joined: June 07, 2016

School Info

VanCityAcro is the creative child of Vancouver movers Slava Goloubov and Devon French.

Coming together with over 10 years of experience teaching AcroYoga, Slava & Devon have made it their mission to make the practice readily available to the masses with their fully-certified 80-hour programs. VanCityAcro is the only insurable program on the market.

The program is woven in a holistic manner to incorporate many modalities of movement that extend beyond, but fluidly translate into, AcroYoga. This provides a more comprehensive platform for integrating these tools into a movement lifestyle. VanCityAcro is, at its core, a community-oriented endeavor. With this at its center, each program is kept intimate to maintain an accessible, personalized experience that delivers maximum value.

Course Outline

The VanCityAcro AcroYoga Teacher Training is an 80-hour program that balances the wisdom of yoga and the dynamic power of acrobatics, all tempered with the community-oriented aspect of the healing arts. A heavy emphasis is placed upon strength and flexibility conditioning.

Each student gets substantial 1-on-1 attention with the instructors as each program has a 20-person capacity. Everyone also takes a fair amount of time to teach so that they leave feeling well-equipped to safely and confidently guide AcroYoga classes.

The program will cover a variety of transitions, postures, and sequences that will all merge to give a full in-depth understanding of the AcroYoga practice.

All of this is done in a container of trust, playfulness, and community.