Yoga Dojo Hong Kong (CYA-RYS 200 Member)

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +852 64008110
  • Address: 12/F, Philip House, No 5 Kimberley Street
  • Location: Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui China
  • Website:
  • Service Offered: Hatha 200hrs training, Iyengar, Anti Gravity Yoga 50hrs training.
  • Type of Certification Granted: HKYA-ACI®200,HKYA-ACIA®500
  • Years in Operation: 3
  • Date Joined: June 08, 2015

School Info

Yoga Dojo is a yoga studio located in the CBD of Hong Kong since Nov 2013, we provide a comfortable corner for students to relief their stress and ailments.
We insist to teach in small group (less than 10 person per class) in order to give more interaction with student. We offer session included (Anti Gravity Yoga, Yoga as Therapeutic Exercise, City Ailment Therapy, Anti Gravity Ailment Therapy, Hatha Yoga and hot yoga)
Teaching currently 500 students from Locally Hong Kong and South Korea, I had teach yoga for more than 3 years which over 2000 hours

Course Outline

1.Anatomy & Physiology (Total 10 hours with 5 contact hours)
Describe and explain in detail of different system in the body, E.g, Muscular system, Skeletal system, Circulatory system,Nervous system, Lymphatic System,Respiratory,Endocrine,Digestive,Urinary and reproduction system.
Knowledge of Bone structure,Vertebral Curve, Connective tissues,Joints,Synovial joint Anatomy and different muscles in the body
2. Study of Asanas (Total 100 hours with 50 contact hours)
Seven classes of Asana,Balance of Flexibility VS Strength,Holding Poses(Active,Passive and Long holding)Techniques and practice of different poses.With a combined practice of pranayama, kriyas, dharana, ekagrata,pratihara,samyama,
3. Study of Pranayama (Total 10 hours with 5 contact hours)
Types of Pranayama, practice of Thoracic,Abdominal,Ujjayi and Bellows Breathing, Different types of Bandha
4. Study of Energy Systems (Total 10 hours with 5 contact hours)
Overviewing seven Chakras
5.Study of Energy Bodies (Total 10 hours with 5 contact hours)
Through techniques and practice of mantras chanting and meditation
6. Yoga Philosophy(Total 10 hours with 5 contact hours)
Brief yoga history,Important concept of yoga, different style of yoga.
7. Teaching Methodology (Total 20 hours with 10 contact hours)
Principles of demonstration, observation, instruction,assisting and correcting poses,teaching styles
8.Others: Practical Teaching (Total 40 hours with 20 contact hours)
Student teaching as well as observing and assisting in class taught by others. Hours may be a combination of supervised and unsupervised.


Wa Fei, Jacqueline Cham (Class of 2016)
Yuk Ting, Billie Cheng (Class of 2016)
Wing Sze, Ines Lee (Class of 2016)
Tsz Wan, Abie Tang (Class of 2016)