One Yoga Academy (CYA–RYS Gold Member)

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  • Phone: N/A
  • Address: 4481 Montrose Avenue
  • Location: Westmount, Quebec Canada
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  • Service Offered: Yoga Certification Courses / Retreats
  • Type of Certification Granted: Teacher Training & Vedanta Philosophy
  • Years in Operation: 14
  • Date Joined: March 19, 2014

School Info

This unique certification program offers an approach to living yoga while preserving the essence of traditional yoga teacher training.

Course Outline

This individualized course explores the philosophy and practice traditional Yoga,
This creative synthesis is for the self motivated yoga practitioner seeking to evolve and integrate the diversity of their life experience and delve into lifes great mysteries.

Everyone who completes the course will be comfortable delivering Yoga classes, many people who take Yoga teacher training simply to deepen their own spiritual practice. Contact Jeremy or Samantha with any questions about whether the course is for you, and how you might benefit personally.

The One Yoga method seeks to merge Yoga and Life. We seek to empower teachers with a broad and deep base of the many rivers of yoga Exploring Tantra Vedanta . Raja Kundalini, Vinyasa, the Dr. Bali Method, Yoga Nidra , Nada Yoga & Bhakti Yoga and more.

Our Unique program offers a dynamic and individualized approach to the art of living and embodying yoga.

We seek to be a grounding force for teachers to develop a body of integrated knowledge while inspiring freedom for each individual to follow their path.

The main aim of our 200-hour teacher training course is to give students the required theoretical and practical background to be able to design and teach their own Yoga courses. They will learn to draw on their own practice, intuition, discipline, and increased awareness to impart the Yoga experience to others. It is also an enlightening and profound experience for those wishing to deepen their knowledge of the Self and our place in the universe. Upon successful completion of the course students will be awarded a Diploma. The Shiva Shakti Academy is certified by Yoga Alliance Canada, and is taught by the brother and sister team of Jeremy and Samantha Howick.

You will leave this course with a deeper understanding and experience of the Self , tools to move forward in peace and understanding. Greater comprehension of the classical texts and Vedanta philosophy. Feel confident in organizing and teaching yoga classes and preparing workshops.

The specific aims of the course are:

To deepen the students knowledge of all eight limbs of Yoga. Often Yoga today focuses on just two aspects: asana (poses) and pranayama (breathing). In this course we cover asana and pranayama, and you will also learn how to practice and teach the other limbs: Yama (morality), Niyama (personal cleansing), Pratyahara (control of the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dyana (meditation), and Samadhi (Union).

To familiarize students with the principles of teaching Yoga. abc

To allow the students to develop their teaching in a safe and comfortable environment.

To encourage an attitude of lifelong learning. We are here to help you.

To enjoy! Yoga is a science of life, and you were born to be happy.

Learn to live with the fluctuations of life in a more peaceful way.

Shed light where there is darkness

Promote awareness,love and compassion.Expand the sense of self and lift our own veil to see through the luminosity of who we truly are

Bring the ancient knowledge of yoga into the light of the present day through experience

Encourage each student to formulate their own yogic practice and spiritual lifestyle

Provide each student with knowledge and tools found within yogic science and technology to support their life journey.


Maha Al Omar RYT 200 (Class of 2014)
Tania Alouf RYT 300 (Class of 2017)
Astrid Belchance RYT 200 (Class of 2013)
Angela Bonifaccio RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Valerie Cachard RYT 200 (Class of 2018)
Katia Chaak Khalil RYT 200 (Class of 2015)
Karine Chami RYT 200 (Class of 2014)
Maher Deiri RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Rim El Benni RYT 200 (Class of 2022)
Lorna Ellis Ryt 200 (Class of 2013)
Karine Farhat Soussa RYT 200 (Class of 2015)
Sonia-Lynn Gabriel RYT 200 (Class of 2018)
Agata Gurkovska RYT 200 (Class of 2014)
Fida Haffar Finge RYT 200 (Class of 2015)
Brigitte Hage Chahine RYT 500 (Class of 2017)
Laura Hancock RYT 200 (Class of 2014)
Dr.Najwa Helou RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Gillian Ingram RYT 200 (Class of 2018)
Carole Jalkh Hayek RYT 200 (Class of 2015)
Fanny Khoury RYT 200 (Class of 2018)
Ira Kushnir RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Florence Lahoud RYT 200 (Class of 2018)
Sharon Lindsay RYT 200 (Class of 2021)
Alice Mattalia RYT 200 & Prenatal (Class of 2014)
Gina May RYT 200 (Class of 2013)
Hanane Melkia Serhan RYT 200 (Class of 2018)
Tatiana Menassa RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Elissa Moussa RYT 500 & Prenatal (Class of 2017)
Khaled Nafawi - RYT 500 & Prenatal (Class of 2017)
Jihane Nasrallah RYT 500 (Class of 2017)
Hiba Nasser George RYT 200 (Class of 2018)
Nancy Nasser RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Cynthia Osta RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Nada Rassoul RYT 500 (Class of 2017)
Francoise Rondelet Daher RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Christina RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Christine Abou Najm RYT 200 (Class of 2022)
Marie Salhab RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Joanne Sayad RYT 200 (Class of 2014)
Yasmine Sinno RYT 200 (Class of 2013)
Rachel Tabet RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Dana Takla RYT 500 (Class of 2017)
Mohammad Traboulsi RYT 200 (Class of 2016)
Carole Zakhia RYT 200 (Class of 2015)
Manal Zaynab RYT 200 (Class of 2015)